Parents and their support for school-based relationships and sexuality education: Western Australia snapshot report

This project aimed to contribute to the current evidence base regarding the delivery of relationships and sexuality education (RSE) within schools. Specifically, the project sought to examine the attitudes of a national sample of parents (or other adults) with caring responsibilities for school-aged children. As the Western Australian Department of Health funded this work, oversampling was conducted to ensure a state-focused report could be generated.

Key findings from Western Australia (WA) show that 93% of parents support schools to deliver relationships and sexuality education within schools. For some parents, the level of support was associated with their political or religious affiliations. Critically, parents were asked to consider a list of 40 RSE-related topics, and there was strong endorsement for school programs to address all issues. Parents also provided insight into what years levels each topic should first be mentioned by a school. Whilst parents expressed comfort in discussing RSE with their children, the frequency of such discussions is low.

The report summarises the methodology (including survey instrument and sample), findings, and recommendations for involving parents and adults with caring responsibilities in school-based RSE.

Download the report here.

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